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Camps We Offer

Something a little different for everyone!

We offer unique camp experiences based around different needs as campers grow. However, we know that age isn't always the best indicator of what a child is ready for! That's why our age breakouts are suggestions - if you think your camper would thrive in a different model, talk to us about it and we'll make it work!


Early Childhood Day Camp

ages 4-6(ish)

Early Childhood camp is a new addition this year! Programming is built on our model of free camper choice with a little more structure. Campers stay with the same group all day long, and move together to our different program areas. Once there, they have the opportunity to explore freely with friends or take part in the planned activity their staff create!

Main Day Camp

ages 6-13(ish)

Main Camp is our bread and butter! Designed to give campers the opportunity to curate their own schedule, explore new ideas, fail and try again, and build something new in community with others. Campers will still have a small "home group" to check in with each day, but beyond that they are free to explore independently, or together!


Teen Leadership Experience

ages 13-15(ish)

Designed for campers ready to take their camp experience to the next level! These campers will get hands on with helping create the camp experience for everyone. They’ll have the opportunity to lead activities, develop committees to help make camp better, act as consultants for the big decisions we have to make for camp, and get to experience activities designed only for them! They'll work closely with Early Childhood and Main Camp to help make camp better for everyone.

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